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Types of Consultation

 Motivating Individual Consultation


This type of consultation is focused on the energy of the individual, not the property or the house evaluation. 
Please call 516.287.3690 or email to set up your consultation.


Inspiring House/Office/Apartment Consultation

The Inspiring Consultation can last approximately 2-4 hours. The experienced BTB Feng Shui Consultant will determine the appropriate adjustments in accordance with Feng Shui principles. 
Please call 516.287.3690 or email to set up your consultation.

Balanced Individual and House Consultation

This type of consultation will assess the energy of the individual, house, property as well as the surrounding environment. The experienced BTB Feng Shui Consultant will be able to recommend the appropriate adjustments, based on the observation, questionnaire and survey, in accordance with Feng Shui principles.   Please call 516.287.3690 or email
to set up your consultation. 

Transcendental BTB Feng Shui Space Clearing/Blessing

Please call 516.287.3690 or email 
for Feng Shui Space Clearings and Blessing. In addition to Sage and Smudging, Transcendental BTB Feng Shui Cures that are performed based on client needs are Transcendental BTB Feng Shui Rice Blessing, Transcendental BTB Feng Shui Orange Peel Blessing, Transcendental BTB Golden Cicada or Transcendental BTB Feng Shui Singing Bowl Clearing. Please keep in mind that in BTB Feng Shui the Transcendental BTB Feng Shui Cures are protected by honoring the tradition of the “Red Envelopes.”

Customized Consultation

Every type of consultation can be customized based on individual needs, size of the house, apartment or an office. The intention of an experienced BTB Feng Shui Consultant is to help recognize the depth and reasons for imbalance people are faced with and help open up the movement of positive energy into peoples lives bringing balance and harmony. 

"Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life."
                                                                 Thomas Kinkade

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