Ambiance by Renata, LLC - Nurture yourself and the environment you live in with Feng Shui

Personal Experience 

"I have used Feng Shui Cures during the sale of our house.  We were able to sell the house within one month, including all the furniture."
                                                                                              Renata Senatore, Westport, CT
Motivating Individual Consultation
"...thank you so much, I feel so motivated and inspired!" 
           Marzena P., Smithtown, NY
"...very interesting and inspirational consultation." 
                                                                        Karen and Mike S., Commack, NY

Inspirational House Consultation
"You are very knowledgeable and detailed!"
Ana R., Huntington, NY
Balanced House Consultation
"Replacing the mirror with the Champs de Elysees print was a great idea. The room feels warm and inviting now!"
    Eva N., Deer Park, NY 

Art Gallery Consultation

"I enjoyed the evening immensely."
                                                  Lisa F., Farago Art, Manhattan, NY

Acupuncture Office Consultation

"Thank you very much for all your suggestions, your efficiency and professionalism."
                                                                 Theresa S., AcuLaser Therapy, Smithtown, NY

Marriage and Family Therapy Office

"The room feels so much more in balance. Thank you!"
    David L., NY Relationship Center, Huntington, NY

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